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There has never been a better time to own a Maid Brigade cleaning franchise. Demand for residential cleaning service is at an all time high and continues to increase rapidly, making our cleaning franchise a great business opportunity.


Maid Brigade is a residential cleaning service with over 400 professional cleaning franchise locations operating in the US and Canada. Established in 1979 in Toronto, Canada, Maid Brigade has remained at the forefront of our industry, commanding a healthy and growing market share every year we've been in business.


Maid Brigade has grown through all economic climates and supports its franchisees with smart, concise training, support and marketing.

  • It's a business you can build and then enjoy passive cash flow and a lot of free time.

  • Residential cleaning is a lifestyle business. This means it is a Monday thru Friday business, with no nights or weekends.

  • Exceptional ROI: It is low cost to acquire and very low cost to expand, when compared to other highly scalable businesses.

  • Maid Brigade is a perfect fit for franchisees looking for a low-risk, high-return business that lets you have a great lifestyle

Mar 11, 2013

In Search of Good Bets

Some franchisers aren't just trying to weed out the less desirable buyers. Instead, they are actively recruiting groups they consider good bets. Consider Maid Brigade Inc., a house-cleaning...
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