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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

6 Reasons to Buy a Sandwich Franchise

There are countless types of businesses that can work on a franchising model. But when you first read the word “franchise”, what do you think of? If you’re like many Americans, you first think of a fast food franchise. Fast food franchises --also known as quick service restaurants (QSRs)-- are partly responsible for the popularity of the franchise model. But their successes are by no means in the past. Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 List is still loaded with fast food franchises. And one of the most popular types of QSR is the sandwich franchise. Here are six reasons to buy a sandwich franchise.

1. QSRs do big business

The first reason to buy a sandwich franchise is because the food service sector rakes in huge revenue. As mentioned above, the Franchise 500 List is dominated by fast food franchises. In fact, franchises that could be considered QSRs take up the top four spots on the list! Sandwich franchises are part of a rich heritage and booming industry.

2. Sandwich franchises don’t face the same obstacles as other QSRs

Everything looks great for QSRs right now, but the waters aren’t entirely smooth sailing. Much of the fare at traditional QSRs is rather unhealthy, and as society trends towards healthier diets, some tough transitions could be ahead for QSRs. However, sandwiches can often be healthier than other fast food options. More and more Americans are recognizing the importance of eating healthy and with a sandwich they can still get food they want quickly and conveniently, but without so much of a potential cost to their health. Sandwiches are typically healthier than other QSR options --fried chicken, cheesy tacos, beef burgers, etc.--, especially if they include leaner meats (if any) and a healthy dose of vegetables on top.

3. Sandwiches are versatile

The ability of sandwiches to be healthy speaks to their versatility. You can put any number of things on a sandwich. If you don’t like bologna, get turkey. If you don’t like cheddar cheese, get Swiss. If you don’t like lettuce, get spinach. Many QSRs offer fixed menu items. Sandwiches are inherently customizable and the best sandwich franchises know this and invite their customers to choose their toppings.

4. Sandwich shops are relatively small

With other QSRs you might need a deep fryer or a great big pizza oven. Sandwich shops do need ovens to bake their bread, but they are still one of the relatively smaller franchises you can buy. This is especially true when compared to franchises in other industries, such as automotive franchises, gym franchises, and sit-down restaurants. Their smaller size means you have more options for locations and can save money on rent.

5. Sandwich shops can serve breakfast

There are plenty of breakfast sandwiches you can serve to people on their way to work. Other types of QSRs struggle during breakfast hours. People just don’t want to eat pizza, falafel, or ice cream for breakfast. (Or if they do, they generally restrain themselves.)

6. People like sandwiches!

Did we mention sandwiches are great? They’re tasty, versatile, portable, and inexpensive. People can eat them in their cars, at their desks, on their lunch breaks, in the park, or wherever.

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Rob Lancit Vice President-Internet Brands, MFV Expositions
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