Why it’s Important to Build a Great Reputation to Grow Your Franchise Brand

Rob Lancit


Mar 23, 2017

At FranchiseExpo.com, we know that one thing that makes a franchise so powerful is that people love a recognizable brand. They feel secure knowing that, when they walk into any store in that franchise, they can get the consistent quality that they’re used to.

Think about it — when you’re on a road trip, are you more likely to stop at a local joint you’ve never heard of, or will you visit your favorite fast food chain from back home? Most people (especially those traveling with young, picky eaters) will choose the fast food chain because they already know what kind of food they can get there.

That’s why building your franchise’s brand is vital for your business. Here, we outline some of the reasons why you need to build your reputation in your community.

  • You can’t take a “free ride” on the brand name alone - Even if your franchise is the most well-known of its kind on the entire planet, if your products or services don’t meet the brand’s standards, your customers are going to notice, and they’ll stop frequenting your business.
  • A good reputation will help other franchisees in your area - Have you heard the expression that a single bad apple will spoil the whole bunch? This philosophy applies to franchises as well. Customers don’t often think about the fact that each restaurant in a chain might be owned by completely different people. They only see the brand. So, if one franchisee in your area is not meeting the brand’s standard, it hurts all the other franchisees. Conversely, if everyone works hard to maintain a high level of quality, it helps boost the reputation of the other stores in the chain.

There are some key things to keep in mind when trying to build your reputation.

  • Just like any other business, your customer service is vital - When you do receive negative feedback from your customers either in-person or online, it’s important to address it quickly and honestly
  • Stay connected to your brand - If there are meetings or trainings to attend, make sure that you do. Stay up-to-date with current information, and network with other franchisees.

If you’re ready to start building a reputation for your own franchise, check out the many opportunities we have available at FranchiseExpo.com.

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