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Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

Capital Required $250,000
Number of units 33
Franchising Since2013
Royalty Fee4%


Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe centers on fresh-casual service—a term coined to describe a category of dining that seeks to make improvements on the typical fast-casual experience. With a focus on high quality, Taziki’s offers scratch-made food in a comfortable, casual environment, all served by a knowledgeable and friendly staff. If you want to become a part of a family that takes pride in how each restaurant strives to become an integral part of their local community, then we want to talk to you. Fresh, Healthy, and Deliciously Different!

Taziki’s was created following an inspirational vacation to Greece in March 1998. Together the founders created a menu, a great name, and decided to take the gamble of a lifetime. Taziki’s grew to 4 local stores over 10 years and rapidly became a local favorite. In 2008 Taziki’s teamed with a highly respected group of restaurateurs, and looked to the future. Five years later, Taziki’s could no longer hold back the demand to share its concept with the rest of the world; thus, the franchise program was created.

Why Taziki’s
  • 60% growth in 2013
  • Cutting-edge technology and support
  • Flexible location options including inline, end cap, freestanding, conversions, and non-traditional. Some locations even feature a drive-thru.
  • Many recent positive press articles worldwide supporting the health benefits of a diet high in Mediterranean foods
  • Rapidly growing brand that is establishing itself as the premier concept in the Mediterranean segment
  • Recipes are fresh-made in house and includes many vegetarian and gluten-free options

Our motto of Fresh, Healthy, and Deliciously Different is evident throughout our menu. We offer delicious salads, gyros, and dinner feasts featuring fresh-grilled chicken, herb-roasted pork, grilled beef, tender lamb, shrimp, tilapia, and delicious grilled salmon. Our produce is sourced locally whenever possible, and all of our recipes are chef-driven and sure to satisfy.

Taziki’s is so committed to freshness; we have NO fryers, and NO freezers, and NO microwaves. Everything is prepared fresh daily, with NO exceptions.

“The Taziki’s brand speaks for itself. Never have I had customers more appreciative of my food or of what we do. Taziki’s is one of those rare triple threats; fantastically fresh food, true customer value, and a systems-driven framework that allows you to produce great net profits.” - Joe Norton, Franchisee, Charleston and Columbia, SC

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