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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Why You Should Get into the Beauty Business

The beauty business is a big business. There is a ton of money out there in the beauty business and as such it is very attractive to business people and entrepreneurs. But how can you get some of that beauty business money? Well, buying and operating a beauty franchise would be a good start. But are there good beauty business opportunities to be found? And should you pursue them?

Types Of Beauty Business Opportunities

The beauty business is not only big in terms of revenue it is also big and varied in terms of what kind of opportunities it presents. There are several different types of beauty business franchises. Do you want to pursue a beauty business opportunity that provides its clients with minor procedures, such as cryotherapy? Would you prefer to sell makeup and maybe provide makeup tutorials? Or would you rather run a business that only partially focuses on beauty, as many health and beauty franchises do? Whether you want to focus on your customers’ hair or lashes, sell fine soaps, or manage a spa, the beauty business is a big tent and it offers a lot of opportunities to you and other qualified candidates.

Benefits Of Beauty Business Opportunities

In the United States today, the average adult woman  (over 18 years of age) spends roughly $144 on cosmetics and beauty services per year. $144 might not seem like a lot but multiply it by about 150 million adult women and you get a pretty hefty number. Indeed, the cosmetic and beauty industry is worth approximately $200 million. With a beauty business, you can become a part of this already enormous but still growing industry.

DIfferent Types Of Beauty Businesses

Beauty businesses offer a wide variety of products and services. One example of a beauty business is a retail boutique that offers make-up, skin care, and hair products along with expert advice. These beauty businesses might focus on featuring a select number of exclusive designer brand, or stock up on a wider inventory. Some health and wellness-focussed beauty businesses sell all-natural or organic products or have a special line of cosmetics that fall under this category. Natural cosmetics are very popular with customers who have sensitive skin and care deeply about the ingredients in their beauty products and where they come from.

Beauty Business Opportunities Come In Different Sizes

Many people are interested in beauty business opportunities, but the prospect of hiring and managing a whole staff, not to mention a large inventory of products, puts this goal beyond their reach. Such beauty businesses can be quite hectic to run and some prospective franchisees look for lower cost options. Thankfully, there are some smaller beauty business opportunities available. A salon suite franchise gives you the opportunity to forgo the high cost expenditures and headaches that go with large beauty businesses. As the owner of a salon suite franchise, you are kind of like the landlord for a group of cosmetics professionals. Aestheticians can rent salon space from you as the beauty business owner and they are the ones responsible for staffing and purchasing. It’s a less hands-on, less work-intensive type of beauty business opportunity.

Be The Boss

If you would like to learn more about beauty franchises and to see if there are any beauty business opportunities available near you, please contact us.

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