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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Why Real Estate Services Franchises Are so Strong ?

Real estate services franchise offer some of the highest potential profits of all the franchises out there today. And there are many of them that make a good living for their franchise owners. Why is that? Why are real estate services so consistently strong? What about real estate services franchises make them such strong franchise opportunities?

Real Estate Services Franchises

Let us first discuss exactly what we mean by “real estate services franchises”. We don’t simply mean the buying of homes or commercial properties. There is a whole host of services that exist around the real estate industry to help sellers, buyers, agents, and everybody else involved. For example, there are home inspection franchises. These franchises provide real estate services by inspecting homes, making sure they are up to code, providing assessments, and suggesting possible changes such as replacing old furnaces or installing energy-efficient windows.

Another type of franchise that is related to real estate services is a handyman franchise, Handyman franchises, house painting franchises, HVAC franchises, carpet and upholstery cleaning franchises, and floor restoration franchises all feed into the real estate service franchise ecosystem, as it were. And then, more directly, there are real estate services franchises that specialize in purchasing dilapidated or old homes in need of repair, fix them up, and sell them on. There are also real estate services franchises that focus on a niche, though still sizeable, market such as franchises that specialize in helping seniors sell their homes, either to downsize or to move into a senior care community.

The Strength Of Real Estate Services Franchises

How is it that one industry can support so many different types of franchises? What accounts for the strength and breadth of real estate services franchise? Well, first, you have to consider the importance of real estate services. Purchasing a home is often the most expensive investment a person will ever make. And home is where the heart is. People take their homes incredibly seriously and so the decision to buy a home is a huge one. They’re willing to put in the extra time and money to get it right.

Furthermore, property has never been more valuable. Remember the 2008 financial crisis that was caused in large part due to subprime mortgages? This really hurt the housing market and the economy writ large and yet . . . now it’s as if it never happened as far as real estate services franchises are concerned. Many point to 2008 as an example of the volatility in the real estate market, but actually, if anything it indicates the opposite. The 2008 recession was terrible and people lost their homes and livelihoods for a number of reasons. But the real estate industry bounced back quickly. Why? Because people still need homes in which to live. And as population increases and more people move into denser urban and suburban areas, the importance of real estate only continues to grow and grow. By some estimates, the home resale industry is worth a whopping $10 billion! Don’t you want some of that money?

Be The Boss

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Rob Lancit Vice President-Internet Brands, MFV Expositions
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