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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

What to Look for in Automotive Businesses for Sale

The automotive business is full of great franchise opportunities. But, of course, not all of these opportunities are equal. Some are better than others. But it can be tough to tell which automotive businesses for sale suit you best. To help you out, this article will let you know about some of the qualities that all good automotive business franchise opportunities have. Here’s what to look for in automotive businesses for sale.

A strong brand name

A strong brand is critical to success in franchising. It’s one of the biggest advantages that franchises have over independent businesses. But if nobody recognizes the brand name of an automotive business, then what good is it? Or worse still, what if the brand name has negative connotations for many? Then it’s as good as dirt. If you recognize the brand, that's a good start. But ask family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors if they’ve heard of the brand of automotive business for sale that you are considering purchasing. See what they think.

Years of success

How does an automotive business foster a strong brand name? Through years (maybe even decades) of high quality service. Any automotive business that has been around for decades and has been franchising for decades probably knows what they’re doing. Now, this is not to say that there aren’t newer automotive businesses that can offer you great opportunities. But in a business as old as the automotive one, most of the best businesses for sale will be from automotive companies that have been around for a substantial amount of time.

Training and support

You shouldn’t have to be an expert on auto repair to successfully run an automotive business. Hard work, an entrepreneurial spirit, the requisite financial capability, and a willingness to learn should be enough. The best automotive businesses know this and they include an initial training period with the sale of their franchises. But it should go beyond a weeks-long initial training course. The best automotive businesses offer ongoing support to their franchisees for months and even years after the sale.

Honesty and transparency

Honesty and transparency is something that should be ubiquitous throughout all business but sadly it is not. Any automotive business that you’re considering buying better be up for sale by some honest franchisors. Automotive businesses are not cheap to buy, set up, and run. They often make lots of revenue, but they’re not the type of franchise you can buy and start with very little money. The best automotive businesses are honest about this because they want their franchisees to succeed; they’re not just trying to make a quick buck.

You’re own territory

They might call it a protected territory. They might call it an area of responsibility. They might call it a guaranteed territory. But they had better call it something because they had better offer it. This concept is key to all franchising but will vary in size depending on the type of franchise and the location. The concept is that you have a certain catchment area all around your automotive franchise in which the franchisors will not allow another franchise to open up.

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