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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Vapor Galleria Franchisees - Erick and Cissy Jones

Erick and Cissy Jones, Vapor Galleria, Houston, TX – Southloop location

During 2015 we began researching franchises in multiple industries to address our urge to own a business. We had 3 franchise requirements. First we wanted a franchise that made a difference. Second, we wanted a franchise that was affordable, and lastly a franchise with a concept whose aesthetics were modern yet welcoming.  Although, we have more than four decades of combined corporate experience, we felt that our next venture required a proven concept, plan, and a high level of support.

Prior to 2015 both of us experienced back to back eliminations of leadership positions with three Fortune 500 companies.  This resulted in Erick acquiring a position in a new industry that required travel 75% of the time. At that point we had enough of Corporate America! Erick smoked, but on a corporate trip Erick was introduced to vaping. After vaping for approximately a month Erick stopped smoking tobacco completely. Based upon Erick’s success, we chose to research Vapor Franchises. Cissy discovered Vapor Galleria on the internet and loved the concept and storefront displayed on the web.

The sense of community, teamwork and flexibility that was shown during our visits put us at ease with our decision to move forward with Vapor Galleria.  We received customized and personal training and really felt we were setup for success. Also, there is a great deal of empowerment allowed as a Vapor Galleria franchisee.  We truly feel like owners of the Vapor Galleria brand. We have been open a year and our sales and customer base is constantly growing month over month.  We consistently receive amazing customer reviews about the location set-up, quality products and amazing customer service. If you are considering a franchise we highly recommend Vapor Galleria.

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