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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Turfscape Franchisee - Bradley White

Bradley White, franchisee of Turfscape Westside, was born in Augusta, Georgia, but grew up in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. After graduating from Carnegie-Mellon University, White pursued what would become a lengthy and successful acting career. He has appeared in over 50 TV shows and films; notably, Law & Order, Mad About You, Spin City, NCIS, West Wing, CSI: Miami, Lipstick Jungle and Rescue Me.

His most memorable acting experience? According to White, “Playing Helen Hunt’s boss on Mad About You, kissing her and almost breaking up her marriage!” 

White, who works with fellow actor Tom Gallop, was inspired to become a franchisee in September 2015 after recognizing the difference synthetic turf can make in his water-plagued home state of California.

“I love being outdoors and doing something for water conservation,” he says. “You can sense a tipping point in the future of water shortages, and there is a great opportunity to elevate the game in this new industry.”

Recently, White worked with a Los Angeles couple that was having issues with its synthetic turf that had been installed by another company. “Upon inspection, we discovered her eight-year-old turf installation had numerous issues, including insufficient sub-base causing numerous dips and depressions in the turf, as well as a noticeable infill deficiency, which caused the turf fibers to lay flat,” White says. 

Ultimately, Turfscape Westside devised a game plan to not only repair the sub-base and replace the couple’s lawn with a superior product, but adjust and straighten their borders while adding some new angles to the design and provide an infill that would better suit the family’s two large dogs. 

Once the project was complete, the homeowner, Gina, was thrilled. “It is fabulous and is by far better than what the previous synthetic turf company ever did,” she says, noting that her house is on a popular walking path where she gets walkers and people constantly stopping for the phone number to call. 

While there was a significant improvement to the appearance and elimination of the odor in the backyard, Gina also appreciates her new lawn for other reasons as well. There is less dirt being dragged into the house, and, as Gina puts it, “the impact this makes toward the drought here in California cannot be overstated.” 

Solving the water crisis extends beyond lifestyle choices, but White is proud to do his part. 

“I have been gratified to learn that our strategy of differentiating ourselves by delivering superior customer service is paying off,” he says. “We simply rely on the time-tested adage of treating people as we’d like to be treated, and it’s something that’s at the very core of our business.” 

Gina concludes, “Turfscape Westside got me to love my grass again, I never thought it would happen.” 

Parker-Anderson Enrichment Franchisee - Laurelinda Hauksson

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Foot Solutions Franchisee - Scott Garmon

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