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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Try These Social Media Tips to Spruce Up Your Content for Spring

Online marketing after the holidays may seem like a difficult task for business owners and marketers, but it doesn't have to be. The dreaded winter blues should only affect those who do not have a plan to spring ahead with your content. Social media may just be the key to a successful sales period after the winter months; one way to accomplish this is with the right type of content. Spring is here, and it’s time to spruce up your content.

The first step is to add to your editorial calendar, also known as a content publishing schedule. This calendar does not have to be fancy; it can be as simple as entries on Outlook, but it should be mindful of sales cycles, seasonal events and holidays. For social media, business owners and brand managers should always focus on quality versus quantity; here are some ideas for your spring social media plan:

Facebook Re-Marketing & Live Video

With the Facebook Dynamic Ads tool, audiences who either visited websites or interacted with social media updates can be targeted again with content and modified ads. The key to a successful re-marketing campaign is to announce a change with a clever Facebook update; for example, a website that sells decorative candles can announce their spring scents by means of a short video for real-time effect.

Facebook live video is an extremely popular way to talk about a new feature, product line, you name it! If you have yet to try Facebook Live, now is the perfect time to try it out. Not to worry if it isn’t perfect the first time around, people are still experimenting with it and since it’s live video – mistakes are way more accepted than if it were pre-recorded where you have the time to edit.

Twitter Listicles

Articles that include useful tips and tricks tend to be very popular on Twitter. Articles that list ideas that can be put into practice are particularly effective. For example, a sporting goods store can publish an article listing five tips to keep the New Year's resolution of losing weight going through the year. The Twitter Tailored Audience tool can be used for re-marketing sponsored tweets using a method similar to Facebook ads.

Instagram Stories & Multiple Images

In August 2016, Instagram introduced Stories as a feature to keep up with the growing popularity of Snapchat. Instagram is already one of the most powerful social networks for brand marketing, and Stories make it even better. The specific benefit of Stories is brand enhancement; for example, a pizza shop that wishes to drive sales during March Madness can publish a few Instagram Stories that depict the entire process of getting an order, preparing the pie, boxing it, and delivering it. When using Instagram for branding purposes, the photos must be of the highest quality. This goes without saying as well when you look to add multiple images to your posts. Instagram has just recently launched the option to add multiple images to your posts for those who want to tell a bigger story. The multiple images feature has opened the doors to so many creative ways to get your brand message across to your audience!

LinkedIn Articles

Ever since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, some of the marketing methods that can be utilized within the network have been enhanced. One powerful enhancement is LinkedIn Pulse, which now gives preference to longer, well-liked articles instead of updates. LinkedIn users seem to be more engaged when they read Pulse articles than when they review their news feeds. Articles published on LinkedIn need to be original but can include links to existing content.

Work through these tips to really add some pep into your spring content this year! Create a plan, continue to engage and refresh your advertisements.

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