Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

the Fancy Art, NFP concept

Tell us about the Fancy Art, NFP concept.

Framed art is inevery home and office, a multi-billion dollar industry that you’ve neverthought about. We live in an image conscious society and the art that we have saya lot about our lifestyle and values; after all, “a picture is worth athousand words”.  The problem is that People don’t like doing thingsthat are difficult and painful.this has been a fragmented industry with many layers of middlemen that utilizean antiquated distribution system, driving up the price. so, Fancy Art, *NFPeliminated the waste and inefficiencies and created concepts and innovationsthat make it fun and easy for customer to create a personal masterpiece totheir taste and within their budget; once they discover how easy it is, it’slike “Build-a-Bear Workshop” for grownups - they love it and want to do itagain and again.

How and when did youbecome involved with Fancy Art, NFP?

"It's funny where life takes you if yougive it a chance". In the early 90s, I was a commodity broker and withnothing better to do one weekend I went to an art auction, just thinking that Imight buy a few things for the house. I quickly observed that the framedartworks were being sold for a lot of money. Eventually they got to things inthe back room, unframed artworks, and raw framing materials, by that time thecrowd had dwindled and these items were being sold for a pittance; so, I beganbuying and ended up going home with a twenty foot truck loaded up with art andframing materials. The interesting thing about not being formally trained in afield is that you may have no guidelines, but you also have no limitations. Ibegan doing art shows to sell some of my booty and at the same time to educatemyself in the field. It quickly became apparent that framing can be a timeconsuming and arduous process and people will only devote so much time tosomething and then their mind moves on to other things. So, I thought that if Icould use a small handheld computer to do some of the calculations it wouldexpedite the process and make it easier for the customer to make a buyingdecision. I began tinkering and as I was successful doing one thing, It would leadto another and the program kept getting bigger and bigger. Finally, after ayear of tinkering, I had a program (app) that did everything. Only then did itoccur to me that with this, almost anyone could do custom framing and that itwould be a great franchise concept. We opened our first store in the Spring of1995 and have been developing and refining the concept ever since and now FancyArt, NFP is franchising. The new website,; gives people the knowledge and confidenceneeded so that they can go out and live their dreams; the course is free, butthe knowledge you will gain is priceless. To view a short video about thecourse go to: hopefully it will inspire you to registerand take the first step to opening a door that could change your life for thebetter, as it did mine.

What are some of the advantages in being a Fancy Art, NFPfranchisee?

  • Framed art isubiquitous, it can be found in almost every room of every home and office andit is an uncluttered marketplace with very little competition
  • Our order managementsystem is the most advanced in the industry and makes it easy to run yourbusiness from order inception to accounting and inventory control.
  • Our patented rackingsystem will allow you to offer a greater selection of picture frame mouldingsthan any of the competitors
  • With our system, most ofthe work will be done for you off site; fabricating the frame, the glass, thematting, canvas transfers, giclee printing and mirrors, which means that youwill not have to purchase or allocate space for expensive equipment andmaterials or hire and train the employees necessary to do that work.
  • You will have acompetitive price advantage; with our advanced systems and hub and spokebusiness model eliminating all of the middlemen, we have economies of scalethat can’t be beat, allowing you to offer a savings to you customers typicallyfrom 20 to 50%
  • Since full payment isexpected with every order you will have great cash flow and simplifiedaccounting.
  • You will have the name,address, phone number and Email address of all of your customers, which isgreat for marketing
  • Custom framing is a bigticket item with high gross profit margins.
  • Most importantly, youwill be working in a wholesome environment, surrounded by art and soft music,selling a big ticket item to a refined clientele who appreciate the finerthings of life and have the discretionary income to afford them.

Who is your ideal franchisee?

Our ideal candidate will have good math andmechanical aptitude. Additional qualifications include strong sales andcustomer-service skills, well-developed people and communication skills thatinclude the ability to connect with employees of all ages.  Some business,management and/or sales experience is desirable, but not required.  Idealcandidates will possess a high energy, professional demeanor, and strongstandards of excellence, honesty, and integrity.

Tell us a little about the Fancy Art,NFP Market?

As mentioned earlier,framed art is ubiquitous, it is found in every home and every office; it isestimated that the average household has 27 framed pieces and another 9 yet tobe framed; count the number of framed pieces in your home or office, you mightbe surprised. Custom framing is a big ticket item and it is something that willnever be taken over by the internet, big box stores or ever become obsolete.Framing is a touchy feely thing and it is impossible to get a good feeling forthe colors, textures and proportions on a computer screen. Nothing warms up aroom like a nicely framed artwork and even in difficult economic times, peoplewill be entertaining more in their homes rather than going out and they willwant it looking nice when friends and family come to visit.

What are some of thegreatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

In order for anybusiness to succeed, you must develop and deploy a tested business system thathas proven to be superior under a broad array of market conditions; it doesn’t happen overnight and it’s notmagic.  Consider S-Y-S-T-E-M anacronym that stands for: Save Yourself Significant Time Energy and Money. Once you have a viable system, you must follow it and notdeviate, however you must also be flexible, listen to your customers andemployees; sometimes they may be able to suggest a better way of doingsomething and if it works, incorporate it into the system.

Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

My father came tothis country with his father when he was only nine years old. My grandfatherdecided that he would rather return to the old country, but my father chose tostay in America. He was alone, no relatives, couldn’t speak English, yet hechose to stay and build his life here. He started out washing dishes and workedhis way up; during his lifetime, at one time or another, he owned forty-tworestaurants. I was a short order cook and worked with my dad in the kitchenwhen I was seven years old and learned many lessons there; work smart, not justhard, be efficient, minimize waste and inefficiency. Unfortunately my fatherpassed away when I was eleven, but whenever I face adversity, I think about hisjourney through life and realize that you can overcome any obstacle if you putyour mind to it. I chose not to be a restauranteur, because I saw how hard myparents worked at it, but I will always treasure the experience and the lessonsI learned, which have helped me greatly in my life.

What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire aFranchise?

If given a choice, a majority of peoplewould like to own their own business, be their own boss and build their dreamrather than working for someone else’s; the two biggest things that hold themback are: not having the know-how (a business plan) and the fear of failure.

Although there are nocredible hard numbers, it is widely accepted and believed that a franchisebusiness has a higher success rate and lower failure rate than an independentlyowned (start up) business, provided of course, that they follow the franchisorssystem and are diligent in the operation of the business.

So, why thedifference? A franchise has a tested business model and you will be trained inall aspects of its operation, including: suppliers, mark-up, marketing,management, site selection, layout and much more. Also the franchisor will giveyou a Franchise Disclosure Document that spells out in detail, pertinentinformation about the franchise, its history and any litigation.

Here are the Five Most Important Considerations:

1)Find something that is interesting andmotivating. There are franchises in almost every field and if you enjoy whatyou are doing, you will do it better and be more productive; it won't seem likework and you will be building a legacy for yourself and your family.

2)Look for a big market with broad appeal, but not an industrythat is over developed with outlets on every busy intersection, where you willget lost in the crowd or be at a competitive disadvantage.

3)Return on Investment: Can you make money?It is not just how much money you make, but how much you keep that counts. Inany business, you either have to do a high volume or have a high profit margin;preferably both and then weigh that against your overhead costs. Only you canassess the franchises potential in your market area; your accountant, lawyerand brother-in-law will give you their advice, but you have to live with thedecision.

4)What makes this franchise different?  (Point ofDifferentiation) What gives this product or service an advantage; what sets itapart from the competition, so that it will stand out from the crowd.

5)Consider the products staying power: Will it endure andhave constant demand or is it the next big bubble ready to burst? In our fast pacedeconomy fads come and go, while other products and services become obsolete. Besure it will stand the test of time.

In your opinion, why do you think thatFancy Art, NFP would be a great opportunity for someone?

  • it’s a product needed inevery home and office
  • a big ticket item withhigh profit margins
  • you will have acompetitive advantage

From our recommended pricing, you will have a 200% markup onframing and that is with us providing most of the materials and doing most ofthe work for you. A 100% markup on all other profit centers including: artsales, framing, canvas transfers, giclee’ printing, mirrors, appraisals, artrestoration, consigned art.

Finally, think about your lifestyle, you will be working in a lowstress environment, surrounded by beautiful artwork and soft music; your workwill never be mundane, because every job is different; you will be creatingpersonal masterpieces for your customers that will be hung in a prominent placein their home or office and become a conversation piece and you will be dealingwith a cultured clientele who appreciate the finer things of life and have thediscretionary income to afford them.

There is a short video that describes ourconcept in more detail at