Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Ten Reasons To Attend The 2014 International Franchise Expo

Have you made your plans to attend this year’s International Franchise Expo (IFE)? Let me tell you why you will want to be there:

  1. You could spend several months trying to contact all of the franchise companies that you will be able to see in one weekend at the IFE. You will find more than 450 franchise exhibitors all under one roof at the Javits Center in New York City. Attending the IFE is the easiest way possible to gather and evaluate information about franchise opportunities.
  2. A lifetime of education in one weekend ... 70 different seminars and symposia ... and all the seminars are free! The IFE contracts with franchise experts to provide a comprehensive menu of workshops and training sessions about franchising. From buying a franchise to franchising your own business, there are dozens of educational opportunities at the IFE. Registration is required for the symposia.
  3. You’ll find your investment range at the IFE. With so many brands exhibiting, there’s aninvestment range for everyone. How much do you want to invest in your ownbusiness? You’ll find investments for less than $10,000 and more than $10 million. When you visit the IFE, you’ll receive a guidebook that points you to franchises in different investment ranges.
  4. Free financial and legal advice is available daily at the IFE. One section of the IFE is a live “help desk” with experts from various fields waiting to speak with you. Sit down with a franchise attorney to understand your rights as a franchisee, or your obligations as a franchisor. Talk to the U.S. Small Business Administration about how to get a loan to start your business. If you’re a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, find out about VetFran, which provides discounts to veterans who buy franchises.
  5. Discover the “hot” franchises of the year. What’s new in franchising? You’ll be surprised by the variety of franchise opportunities that exist. New franchisors know that the IFE is their best opportunity to find both US and international franchisee prospects. Come to the IFE and find out what’s “hot”. You can also attend the free seminar “How to Buy ‘Hot’ Franchises and Not Get Burned!” on Saturday afternoon.
  6. Meet with franchisees as well as franchisors. Ever wonder what it’s like to be the franchisee of a specific brand? Come to the IFE and find out. You’ll have an opportunity to meet with franchisees and ask them whatever is on your mind. If you’re thinking about franchising your existing business, come and ask franchisors how they did it.
  7. Get all your questions answered in one or multiple visits. The IFE is a three- day franchise extravaganza. Visit once or come all three days. Come alone, come with family and friends, and come prepared to ask all the questions you’ve ever imagined about franchising. This is your opportunity to sit down with franchise professionals at every level and get answers to your questions.
  8. Get franchise disclosure information from franchisors of your choice. Every US franchisor is required by Federal law to provide a disclosure document before selling you a franchise. If you’ve tried to get a disclosure document by mail it wasn’t easy, but now you can pick up disclosure documents on the IFE show floor. Visit franchisors of your choice and ask to be disclosed.
  9. Find out about franchise resales.Maybe you’re not interested in starting a franchise from the ground up.Maybe you’d prefer to buy an existing franchise from a franchisee who’s ready to retire. There are many advantages to buying existing franchises ... come to the IFE and find out how this may be the right choice for you.
  10. Pre-register for the IFE and save time! You can come to the show and buy a ticket, but lines may be long at certain times of the day. Save yourself valuable time and pre-register right now. It’s easy!

See you there!

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