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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Sportball Franchisees - Mica and Alyssa Villalon

In 2004, my wife Alyssa and I were hired by Sportball, a successful provider of children’s sports instruction programs that had recently started delivering classes in Austin, TX.  We had a passion and talent for working with children and also possessed an ever growing entrepreneurial spirit that was looking to be satisfied.  

In joining the team, it became apparent very quickly of the positive impact that the Sportball program had on children.  As we honed our skills as coaches, we also developed an appreciation for the successful business model.  Even more importantly, we felt rewarded in doing good work for the children and families in the Austin community. 
Over the next 9 years we contributed to the growth of Sportball Austin and helped develop it into a thriving and successful business, with dozens of programs across the city and thousands of children who were benefitting from their participation.  

When Sportball elected to sell this Corporate territory, we made the decision to purchase the Austin Franchise in 2013, beginning a new chapter in our lives as business owners.  We travelled to Toronto to visit the corporate office and to train for our new venture and could not help but be impressed by not only the professionalism, but also the feeling of family and support within the organization.  

There is a permeating sense within the company, that everyone would do just about anything to help you succeed.  We were provided with an abundance of resources and tools to run a successful business, with seemingly every aspect well thought out and planned for.   As my wife and I travelled back to Texas, our excitement was only amplified by the newfound confidence and assurance we gained from our trip.

Now going into our 4th year as business owners, our passion and drive has only increased.  Sportball, Austin continues to extend its reach by adding new locations and registrants, and we are on track for our best year ever in 2016.  

The ongoing support from the Corporate office is outstanding and the resources the Company provides Franchisees make it easy to ensure that the business stays efficient and organized.  The amazing sense of accomplishment in running a successful business is matched only by the reward of having such a positive influence on children and the community.

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