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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Russ Russell of Cruise Planners an American Express Travel

Travel Franchise is Ideal for U.S. Veterans

Upon celebrating his retirement from the United States Air Force, Russ Russell spent about a year researching franchise business opportunities, and Cruise Planners just kept popping up on his radar. For years, he had planned adventures for his friends and himself, attending to every detail from hotels, trains, flights, tours and even a city-by-city, six-country tour. And then a light bulb went off … “You can do this and you already love it!”

Many Cruise Planners franchise owners start off in a similar fashion – loving travel, having a passion to be their own boss, having a strong work ethic and knowing their careers aren’t over – yet. Franchise ownership is ideal for military veterans since many of them have seen the world already and now can make a career of selling travel. Many active military spouses particularly enjoy Cruise Planners franchise ownership since it is a home-based business model and they can take the business with them as families relocate.

Russell knew his passion was the recipe for success, and has never looked back. His favorite part of the job is meeting new people. Being in the public eye and the travel expert in his field for his community is one of the keys to his success. One of his biggest transition headaches was learning both “travel speak” and “civilian speak” after spending nearly 22 years of his life in the military. Another challenge was being his own boss and reporting to himself. He was now responsible for making his own schedule and routine after years of taking orders from those above him. He attributes his time in the U.S. Air Force for skills that have contributed to his success selling travel. He pairs his personal attributes of discipline and accountability with a continuous quality improvement methodology to be a successful franchise owner. In addition to all those tactics he uses his bedside manner as a nurse, critical thinking and communication skills.

Cruise Planners proudly supports the military and offers a robust Military Initiative Program dedicated to supporting the entire military community. The program makes it easy for franchise owners such as Russell to combine their passion for travel and entrepreneurial spirit. The Veteran’s initiative Program includes up to $4,000 in benefits, incorporating additional tools for success such as a marketing kit, more than 30 percent in savings and additional attendee to the Cruise Planners’ training program. The wealth of support and benefits that Cruise Planners offers has helped the military community to account for 18 percent of Cruise Planners franchise owners.

Cruise Planners offers the tools for the entire military community – active and veterans – to enjoy travel franchise ownership and trains them on best practices. No travel experience is needed, so now is the best time to learn more about a Cruise Planners franchise with military discount.

About Cruise Planners:

Cruise Planners is an American Express Travel Representative and has been named #1 in category 14 years in a row by Entrepreneur magazine, #1 in category 6 years in a row by Franchise Business Review and is listed as a Hot Franchise for Veterans by GI Jobs.


“You can sell travel and be successful. I already knew my passion for travel would be a recipe for success.” – Russ Russell, 20+ year U.S. Veteran

Cruise Planners Fast Facts:

  • No previous travel experience necessary
  • No. of National/Global Franchise Units: 1,800+
  • 25% off initial franchise fee
  • Total savings of more than $4,000
  • Benefits available to the entire military community and their immediate families
  • 6-day training in Florida focused on travel, technology, and marketing
  • Training fee waived for business partner
  • Home-based business, that you can keep as you move, relocate, or deploy
  • Highest travel commissions with multiple revenue streams

To learn more about Cruise Planners an American Express Travel, Request free information.

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