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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Le Macaron French Pastries Franchisee - Angel Santiago

Le Macaron French Pastries -- talk about love at first sight. I immediately fell in love with this brand from the moment I stepped into the store. Between their products and the overall concept, I was sold. The franchise process happened fast - within a few months of getting in touch with the CEO, Rosalie Guillem, I was planning my first location in Puerto Rico.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, which harbored a close relationship with my family. With two younger siblings, I constantly felt the need to set a good example and make my family proud by pushing myself to accomplish every goal I set.

Prior to Le Macaron French Pastries, I worked in retail and quickly moved up the management ladder. I found myself managing over 200 employees at a large department store with sales surmounting over $15 million. Shortly after graduating college, I decided to work for myself while spending the majority of my time traveling.

Ultimately, my travels led me to Le Macaron French Pastries. The moment I met the Le Macaron family, I was 100 percent certain I wanted to be part of it. They were easy to communicate with and always accessible, but what stood out the most was the story of how they began.

This brand is a prime example of how all brands should be born -- with love, dedication and, most importantly, with passion.

I am a very passionate person regarding all things in my life, and I see myself when each member of the Le Macaron family talks about their products, their stories and the brand as a whole.

The fact that you don’t need to be a pastry chef to open a Le Macaron French Pastries was the ‘Jam in the Macaron’ for me --  you just need to have the

desire to be successful

. Le Macaron offers each store the best products made with the best ingredients while giving constant support during  each store’s opening and ongoing processes.

We are a family franchise.

Le Macaron offers people across the globe an opportunity to join us. We believe in teamwork and we believe the success of each person will be the legacy of the brand -- that’s why we work with each and every store to collaborate ideas. As a family, we work hard to make the brand better every day.

Being part of this family and helping others to develop the brand is incredibly rewarding. Since I have the experience of running two Le Macaron stores, I am able to help others grow and fulfill their marketing and store design needs. During college, I studied graphic design and discovered a passion for developing ideas into something concrete. There’s an incredible amount of satisfaction that comes from seeing people’s reactions to a project I created. To produce that happiness solely by bringing ideas to reality is incredible. I’ve been thrilled with the

opportunities Le Macaron

has given me to channel this gift and give others the same opportunity that the brand gave me. It’s the most rewarding part of this adventure.

This is just the beginning of an incredibly unique and successful brand.

My Favorite Tip!

Facebook is one of the best tools we use to let people know about our stores, as well as each location’s products and events. It has become a daily means of connecting with customers, but also with prospects who are looking for concepts and brands like ours.

We are constantly investing in our advertising by creating one-of-a-kind Facebook campaigns, especially for special occasions. Facebook gives business owners the option to select target audiences, launch time and the duration of an ad - making it an extremely effective way to advertise, even more so than a traditional newspaper ad. With Facebook, you are able to generate brand awareness among specific, targeted audiences to ensure you are making the most out of every digital advertisement.

We always use attractive photos of our products, accompanied by fun and upbeat captions. We keep in mind that we have to create content with the end goal of capturing the audience in a crowded feed. We also analyze the best time of day to post in order to have a better audience reach. Most importantly, we stay updated on new tools, social media updates and trends across the globe.

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