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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Imperial Maid Service Franchise - Interview with Founders, Henry and Carol Twyman

We are Henry and Carol Twyman, the founders of Imperial Maid Service. Originally from Surrey in the UK we embarked on a new, life changing, journey when we moved to Florida in 2003 and purchased a territory to open a maid service. After running a very successful maid service in Florida for several years, we decided to take a new opportunity offered to us in Texas. We sold our business and moved to Dallas.

Franchise Expo: How and when did you become involved with Imperial Maid Service?

Henry and Carol Twyman:  In 2013 we decided to return to the industry we know and love and opened a new, independent maid service in our home town of Lewisville Texas, and majestically named it Imperial Maid Service.   In less than 3 years, we now employ 15 staff and have 6 vehicles out every day serving our 175 recurring customers. The systems we have developed are crucial to our success.

FE:  Whatare some of the advantages in being an Imperial Maid Service licensee?

Henry and Carol Twyman: The advantages of owning an Imperial Maid Service license is that you can grow and develop at your pace. So many franchises have such strict stipulations on how hard you must work only to see your profits be eaten up with royalty fees, marketing fees etc. With an Imperial Maid Service license the harder you work the more your bank balance grows.

FE: What is Imperial Maid Service opportunity all about?

Henry and Carol Twyman: We decided to license our business as a way of allowing people with energy, drive and enthusiasm the opportunity to become entrepreneurs themselves. We offer a very generous, protected territory which ensures a huge growth potential.

Carol’s background has been in the Senior Manager position of guiding, developing and encouraging individuals to reach their untapped potential.

Henry has a strong background in organizational and customer service skills, so between us we have the ideal combination to make a business successful.

FE:  Tellus a little about the Residential Cleaning Industry?

Henry and Carol Twyman: The residential cleaning industry is fast growing and increasingly becoming a must have rather than a luxury. People are working longer hours in high demanding jobs, and for us to come in and take care of their home it allows them to spend the free time doing things they love, not what they have to do.

FE: Whois your ideal candidate for a Imperial Maid Service Licensee?

Henry and Carol Twyman: Our ideal licensee would be someone who is not afraid of hard work, and who has the staying power.   Owning a business is not always a bowl of cherries. You will have bumps in the road and it’s how you ride them with your determination rather than quit and never find out what could have been.

FE: Whattype of training and support do you offer Imperial Maid Services licensees?

Henry and Carol Twyman:  The support is unprecedented, not only before the office opens, but the 1st week we will be there on hand interviewing and employing staff, as well as visiting new customers to perform estimates. Ongoing support is offered both by phone as well as personal visits.

FE: Whatare some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

Henry and Carol Twyman:  The greatest lesson I have learned since opening our office is never give up. Try, try and try again! never stop promoting and talking about your business.

FE: Inyour opinion, why do you think that Imperial Maid Service would be a great opportunity for someone?

Henry and Carol Twyman: Imperial Maid Service is a fabulous opportunity for a new entrepreneur who would like to be their own boss, knowing the guidance and support comes with the territory.

Jeffrey Krentzman of The BBQ Cleaner

Jeffrey Krentzman can often be found speaking about his company’s success and entrepreneurial subjects across various media outlets, as well as to students at colleges throughout the country.