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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Helen Young Owner of The Tutoring Center

Helen Young never saw herself as a business owner, but shehas always had a passion for helping students learn and understand math. While in high school and college, she loved tutoring other students and loved to see them become more confident in their work. In fact, Helenplanned to teach high school after earning her math degree, but while waiting for her teacher’s certification, she landed a job as anunderwriter for a major insurance company.

During her 27 years in the insurancebusiness she never lost herpassion and desire to tutor, and over the years shekept an eye out for a place where shecould help children learn.

Although she cameacross many tutoring franchises, shefound that The Tutoring Center was different. This franchise wasabout helping more children by helping its franchisees to be successful.  She connected wellwith The Tutoring Center philosophy and their system called “TheRotational Approach to Learning”.

Even though Helen was a first timebusiness owner, The Tutoring Center Franchise made it possible for her tobe successful with their ongoing support and wonderful training program thatincluded:

  • Astep-by- step process
  • ASupport Team who quickly addressed her questions or concerns
  • Continuoustraining on The System and The Marketing Plan
  • AFranchise Mentor who guided her and shared in her excitement and joy as her centerhas grown
  • Consistentupdates on system improvements and best practices
  • Ateam environment of support and encouragement
  • Afocus on the Franchise guiding principles of Integrity, Quality, Enthusiasm,Service and Teamwork

The Tutoring Center Franchise waswith Helen every step of the way. She has now owned TheTutoring Center in Flower Mound Texas for over two years and has become amentor who supportsthe success of other franchisees.

“It’slike being part of a family who provides the supportwe need to make it on our own, Helen said, “ithas allowed me to make a dream of mine come true.” Helen now gets tospend her time making a positive difference in the lives of children and theirfamilies. She receives ongoingfeedback from parents and students about the benefits they receive at TheTutoring Center.

Just the other day she had a parent tell herthat they had tried everything to help their 8 year old daughter learnto read. They had her testedfor dyslexia, and when the results came back negative, they just did not knowwhat to do. Then, they enrolledher at The Tutoring Center. When their daughterreceived her next report card, they were excited tosee she went from C’s to A’sin reading. Best of all, her confidence was up, she was happy, and she lovedgoing to the Tutoring Center.

The Tutoring Center of Flower Moundalso had a high school student come in whobarely passed 8th grade math.  While attending The Tutoring Center shemade A’s in her Algebraclass. When asked what sheliked about coming to The Tutoring Center, she said, “Ilike the feeling of being confident during classand getting one-on-one help with things I struggle with in school. Also, the tutors areso genuine and so helpful. Most of all, I like going to The Tutoring Centerbecause my confidence level increases every time I walk out the door.”

When asked about owning her franchise,Helen answers:

“At The Tutoring Center, we havecreated a fun positive environment where students learn which has a positiveimpact on the families in our community - that’s my dream come true!”

Krupa and Ketul Parikh of Lightbridge Academy

Lightbridge Academy has a unique Circle of Care philosophy that drives its core business and incorporates staff, children, parents, community and franchisees to foster a caring educational environment.

Pinch A Penny Franchisees - Heath and Alicia Spore

Heath and Alicia Spore purchased two existing locations. Our decision to purchase our first Pinch A Penny franchise store in 2001 in Winter Park, Fl came after deciding we no longer wanted to continue working for others.

Eric Holm of Golden Corral

In 1996 Eric Holm joined Metro Corral Partners to develop Golden Corrals in central Florida and is currently operating 32 restaurants. Holm was named 2006 Franchisee Entrepreneur of the Year by Nation’s Restaurant News.