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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Dr. Tom Insinna of NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss

I have been a very successful chiropractor for 30 years, and about 12 years ago, after finishing her degree, my wife began practicing Homeopathy. We have four children, two practices, and a very busy life. We were definitely not interested in a franchise! If anything, at 60+ years old, I was more interested in slowing down. Then we were introduced to NutriMost Wellness and Weight Loss. Initially, I was impressed with the program, the ease of operation, and the potentially unlimited client base.

Being involved in natural healthcare, I was a huge advocate of spinal health, exercise, and diet, but never felt fulfilled or confident. I was able to help a lot of people with a variety of health concerns, but as our nation’s obesity epidemic amplified, I was feeling less and less able to provide the kind of care and offer the expertise my patients needed. My wife and I were constantly being contacted by other weight loss businesses that made big claims, but had very little substance, and even less provable results.

NutriMost was definitely different than the others. I suppose I should begin with the biggest foundational truth about NutriMost—it works! Not just for a select few, but for everyone! I did it, as well as my wife and many of my family members. The joy we bring into people’s lives is extremely rewarding, not to mention the fact that successful clients are the greatest form of advertising. Successful clients also make day-to-day operations not only easy, but also fun; this creates a great work environment.

This is far more than just a weight loss company. By incorporating an amazing wellness program, NutriMost provides an ever-expanding base of maintenance clients, and also those who just want to feel better and live longer, healthier lives! In today’s health-conscious world, this is an invaluable adjunct to our business. These are complete programs that provide not only everything needed to ensure the client’s success, but also the franchisee’s. From dietary supplements, and products to office management software, it is one complete package.

NutriMost is truly unique because it is the most complete and individualized program on the market today. This provides the client with unsurpassed success, and the franchisee with ease of operation, and an almost endless stream of enthusiastic referral clients. The uniqueness of the program combined with unsurpassed results, made this decision a no-brainer for my wife and me.

Being a long-time franchisee, I have seen this company evolve over the years, and one of the most impressive features of NutriMost is the organization itself. It truly runs like a well-oiled-machine. The NutriMost corporate staff is comprised of highly trained, and highly motivated professionals, all leaders in their field, with one common mission: To make NutriMost the number one wellness and weight loss brand in the industry. This mission serves clients and franchisees alike.

As a franchisee, I am truly grateful to feel like I’m a part of this incredible team, because I am! I have a group of individuals at the corporate level who are as interested in my success as I am, and they are walking along side of me every step of the way. So, whether I operate one office or 101, I take comfort in knowing that I have the best team available in my corner. NutriMost is big enough to provide all of the amenities of big business, but small enough to offer each franchisee individualized service and personalized care. We are not just numbers or push pins on a map. We are members of the NutriMost family.

Another huge benefit we derive is the fact that NutriMost founder, Dr. Raymond Wisniewski, continues to see clients in his own NutriMost offices. He understands the franchisee, because in essence, he is a franchisee. NutriMost is constantly evolving and ever-improving. This keeps NutriMost on the cutting edge of the weight loss industry.

Our corporate Franchise Operations staff provides all the tools necessary to make opening a NutriMost franchise truly a “turn-key” operation. Everything from operations manuals and staff training to site location layout has been calculated. You will be working closely with a team of highly trained professionals to ensure your greatest opportunity for success.

Our journey with NutriMost has been amazing, and it’s far from over. Being a “Rising Star” on the wellness and weight loss scene, NutriMost is not even close to reaching its potential, and I am thrilled to be a part of what will soon be the leader in the wellness and weight loss industry!

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