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Do Juice Bar Franchises Represent Opportunities For Growth?

Juice bar franchises are becoming increasingly popular. But do they offer a realistic path towards financial success? Just what kind of opportunities do juice bar franchises present?

Juice bars are a relatively new phenomenon. But the business model of the juice bar franchise is not new at all.

Juice is as old as time immemorial. For many of us growing up “juice” meant a carton of juice or a juice box. Orange and apple juice were the most common types. The idea of “juicing”, however, was all but completely unknown. Pineapple in juice? Ok. Carrots? Hmmm, maybe. Kale? Kale?! What is kale?

But now it’s 2020 and not only do most of us know the health benefits of a kale-based juices, many of even enjoy drinking them. And going hand-in-hand with the rapid increase in popularity of juices are smoothies. The smoothie is a very versatile beverage. Want to be healthy? Want a sweet treat? A smoothie could be either. And while these beverages are relatively new to most Americans, the business model of selling them is not. Juice bar franchises are just another variation of the quick service, or fast food, restaurant. The idea is to get people a convenient food or drink to consume and to make it as quickly as possible, without compromising quality.

Juice bar franchise opportunities have two main qualities going for them: they’re convenient and they are healthy. This is a rare combination.

When managing a juice bar franchise, you have to make all the considerations and decisions that most other food franchises must. Burger franchises and pizza franchises offer delicious food, but they have to contend with the fact that their food is not particularly healthy. This poses a problem as Americans are becoming increasingly health conscious. But juice bars don’t face this problem. Most juices and smoothies are exceptionally good for you so juice bars are actually healthy food franchises this gives them a clear opportunity for growth.

Freshly blended juices and smoothies have skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade. How can we be sure this isn’t another food fad? Will juice bar franchise opportunities look as attractive by the end of 2020s?

In 2018, the juice and smoothie bar business brought in a revenue of $2 billion in the United States. And while juice bars and smoothies seem to have erupted into popularity in our culture, their growth in a business sense has been a steady and sustainable 1.4%. The rate of growth is expected to increase to 1.6% going forward. While there are no guarantees in business, these are all good signs.

And we have to face the reality of the situation. Americans didn’t suddenly turn to juice bars because they felt like it. America has an obesity problem. And now more than ever we’re beginning to realize that diet is a huge part of it. Gyms and fitness centers are very important, but burgeoning research into gut bacteria and our intestinal biomes indicates that diet is perhaps the most important factor in remaining healthy. As time goes one, we find more and more reasons to go to a juice bar, not fewer.

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