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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Del Taco's Franchise Business Expansion in New Mexico

Emerging and rapidly growing Mexican Quick Service Restaurant chain Del Taco is increasing its presence in New Mexico with five new franchise business locations. Two stores just opened, and another three are in development. With the brand's strong success in the Southwest leading the way, one new restaurant opened in Farmington in 2015 and another one opened in Alamogordo in 2016. The other three locations are slated for Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Clovis and Gallup, which will bring the company's footprint to ten locations in the state.

QK Holdings, LLC, a longtime franchise partner with an impressive 15 years with the brand, is leading the New Mexico charge. According to QK Holdings CEO and current franchisee Doug Koch, this brand is the only one offering guests fresh burritos and tacos at the same sort of drive-thru that usually handles American staples such as fries, burgers and shakes. Koch also credited recent brand changes involving more fresh prep and a new menu platform for its continued success in the state.

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry is the MQSR category, and this Mexican chain has been making its own space right within the segment. Its combination of fresh prep and quality ingredients with the traditional value and convenience of the quick serve segment has resonated with a broad base of customers. The unique "barbell" menu is another bright spot, allowing customers to order premium products like the Epic Burritos or value items on the "Buck & Under" menu.

Director of Franchise Development Laura Tanaka added that the chain has had 16 years of company-owned same store sales growth, indicating that the brand is prime for growth and is connecting with consumers nationwide. Like Koch, Tanaka cited the menu as one of the brand's advantages because it allows customers to have value, quality and convenience all at the same time.

The Del Taco Franchise Opportunity founded back in 1964, Del Taco has since grown to the second-largest MQSR in the country and operates in 16 states. Currently, the company is actively seeking growth and offering exclusive rights to develop territories for qualified franchisees who want to enter new markets. Applicants who qualify for this exciting franchise opportunity will have a net worth of at least $1 million, with $500,000 or more liquid, and they must be willing to commit to developing at least two locations. The initial franchisee fee is $35,000, while the total upfront investment ranges from $767,000 to $1,646,384.
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