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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Border Magic® & Boulder Designs® Franchise – Chad Hames

My personal experience over the past 10 years as a Border Magic® and Boulder Design® Franchise owner has been beyond great.  I always wanted to start my own business, and knew someday I would do so; just finding the right fit for me was the task.  For over 15 years, my experience was sales in one aspect or another.  When I was a regional sales manager, I traveled across North America and Canada acquiring additional businesses to become dealers of my products.  While on the road I discovered Border Magic® and Boulder Designs® at a Home show in Ohio.  In an instant, I saw the potential with the Border Magic® and Boulder Designs® product lines.  I quickly envisioned how I could incorporate these products into my local area to offer potential customers higher quality landscape edging and unique signage products.

What is Border Magic®?  Border Magic® is decorative landscape edging made from concrete for flower beds, gardens, walkway liners, and many other applications.  This edging is stamped and colored by hand to mimic natural stone, cobbles, and many various brick stylings.  Having a very wide array of edging sizes and styles, plus near limitless color options; Border Magic® is a great option for any home or businesses landscape edging needs.  Border Magic® is a great business opportunity to run exclusively as I do, or add to an existing landscape business for more revenue potential, and a higher quality edging option to offer customers.

What is Boulder Designs®?  Boulder Designs® is a business that offers custom made boulders, stones, fire pits, column decorative mailboxes, and a wide variety of other similar products.  A Boulder Designs® stone can be used as a residential address/name sign, or a business’s storefront signage.  With next to limitless size, design, and color options Boulder Designs® can custom create a sign to draw attention to any home or business.  Again, like the Border Magic® franchise system, a great business opportunity to run exclusively, or add to an existing Border Magic®, sign, landscape, or other like business. 

Finding this franchise opportunity was a great career fit for me.  I operate these two franchises in combination with each other keeping Hames Enterprises, LLC extremely busy with customer orders.  Customers love our products, continuously expressing their satisfaction and enjoyment with their whole experience.  Customer feedback is a very rewarding aspect of owning the Border Magic® and Boulder Designs® franchise.  The corporate office has top notch training in all aspects of the Border Magic® and Boulder Designs® product systems, as well as continued training and education to keep progressing into the future. The corporate backing and ongoing support received is outstanding.  From corporate to individual franchisees; Border Magic® and Bolder Designs® operates in a “family like” environment of qualified professionals all having the same goals of success.  The Corporate office is very open to all individual franchises suggestions on sales, marketing, management, product expansion, and overall product and system improvement.  The team atmosphere greatly improves the success rate for all involved, which is how we stay on top of the market with our offered products.  

Like all other aspects of life; the rewards and accomplishments you receive is directly based on the amount of work, time, and pride you invest.  I’m very proud of the products and services we offer, knowing our customers enjoy and love our work makes it easy to end the day smiling.  I am fortunate and thankful for the opportunity I took with Border Magic® and Boulder Designs®, plus looking forward to continued success as a Border Magic® and Bolder Designs® franchise owner.  

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