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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Border Magic and Boulder Designs Franchises - CEO, Butch Mogavero

I have an extensive sales and recruiting background in the franchise industry for one of the world’s premier service franchise companies.  In the years I have worked in franchise development and franchise sales I have made it a point to communicate and support franchisees on an ongoing basis.  In owning and operating both Border Magic and Boulder Designs franchises, my dream is twofold: first, to grow our franchise systems into a strong nationally recognized chain and second, to work in partnership with our franchisees who are the rock on which this company is built by developing new ways to support and enhance their businesses.

FranchiseExpo:  Tell us about the Border Magic and Boulder Designs concepts.
Butch Mogavero:

Border Magic® provides durable continuous concrete decorative edging and curbing for residential landscapes, as well as walkways, and stepping stones that have the look and feel of real brick or stone. For commercial property owners, Border Magic can install decorative curbing to landscape areas as well as concrete curbing to new or existing parking areas. Extruded curbs means no extra time and money spent on forms and allows general contractors to call their crews in sooner during new construction projects thus avoiding costly weather related delays. Best of all, most projects can be completed in one day. We can also create any size curbing to appease architectural specifications.

Boulder Designs® is a non-complicated franchise system coupled with low cost of entry and minimal inventory requirements and best of all, very fun to do. Boulder Designs trains you around our simple system to create custom boulders that can be used for name or address rocks, memorials, business signage, ranches, schools, parks, subdivisions; anywhere that signage is desired or needed. Our products are earth-friendly and are often allowed by local zoning regulations where other signage is not.

FE:  How and when did you become involved with Border Magic and Boulder Designs?

Several years ago I ran into the Border Magic brand and was intrigued with its products. In learning more I found that they had a system in place that made it attractive for both the customer as well as the franchise business owner. With my background in landscaping and franchise development, it was a no brainer for me to get involved. I began the acquisition process of both franchise brands in July 2015.

FE: What was your background prior to joining Border Magic and Boulder Designs?

I owned and operated a very successful landscaping company offering many products and services. I also worked for one of the world’s premier service franchise companies in franchise sales and development where I sold several hundred franchise units and assisted in developing one of their brands into what it is today.

FE:  What are some of the advantages in being a Border Magic and/or Boulder Designs franchisee?

Border Magic and Boulder Designs are both

simple systems with low entry cost and minimal inventory

requirements. In addition, the flexibility of our franchise systems allow you to transition from your job into business ownership gradually; no need to rent a storefront, grow as your business takes root. You also need minimal employees for Border Magic (2 – 3) and no employees for the Boulder Designs system which can be one of the biggest headaches for start-ups today.

FE: Who is your ideal franchisee?

Our ideal franchise candidate is one who enjoys being around people, is service oriented, and outgoing. A background in sales is useful but not required. Other qualities we look for in an applicant are personality based with strong teamwork values and following a system at the forefront. We look for people who are comfortable engaging in conversation with others. We look for those eager to help improve an existing system through organized participation; a person who believes that a group succeeds quicker than an individual.  Folks with these types of qualities are who we award franchises to. It’s the people that make a franchise system so successful.

FE: Tell us a little about your industry.

While other companies create synthetic boulders using eggshell like procedures such as chicken wire or Styrofoam, Boulder Designs constructs boulders out of specially enhanced concrete that is 100% solid giving it the characteristics of a real boulder and the strength to last a lifetime.

We are the only company and the only franchise system thatoffers this type of product.

From commercial business signage boulders, benches, and monuments, to directional signage, planters, mailboxes, water features, and address boulders, Boulder Designs has a diverse product line up that attracts attention and can even turn any business into a landmark.

The benefit within


regards to the industry is our ability to offer custom products. Border Magic provides durable continuous concrete landscape edging, walkways, and decorative stepping stones that have the look and feel of real brick or stone for home owners and businesses alike. Border Magic can install curbs in new and existing cart paths and parking lots. We use a smaller version of the same machines that extrude continuous lengths of concrete barriers along streets and highways. No waiting for forms to be set up or torn down means that you can call in your asphalt crew sooner during new construction projects thus avoiding costly weather related delays. We use the latest technology in epoxies that ensures the curb will stay in place for years to come. We have many common sizes available including the ability to customize any size to appease any architectural specifications.

FE: What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

While these franchise brands are a new venture to me, what I’ve learned in the past in working with franchises is that it’s all about the franchisee. Supporting the franchisee and aiding in his or her success is an important aspect to the health and value of the franchise system as a whole. You have to be vested in franchise support. Another important aspect I’ve learned over the years is to create a strong brand through leading by example. I would never ask anyone to do something that I would not or could not do. This builds trust between the franchisee and franchisor which is essential in a strong franchise brand.

FE: What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

A franchise is a great way to go because the system is already in place; you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or go through the whole learning curve by yourself, but do your due-diligence. It’s important that you are a good fit for the franchise system and that they are a good fit for you. Owning a franchise is comparable to joining a team. If you are the type that works good in a team atmosphere then a franchise may likely be a good fit for you. If you do not work well in a team environment or you are one that likes to call the shots and do your own thing, then a franchise is likely not for you.

FE:  In your opinion, why do you think that Border Magic / Boulder Designs would be a great opportunity for someone?

We are very excited in what the future holds for our newest Boulder Designs franchise system.

Since we franchised this brand in 2008 we’ve grow to over 65units nationally.

And now that we have a strong foundation, along with our recent acquisition, we anticipate taking Boulder Designs to the next level through continued growth and success. Butch Mogavero brings a lot to the table for Border Magic and Boulder Designs. He brings a wealth of understanding in the landscape industry and vast knowledge in the world of franchising. Butch is also very passionate regarding franchise support. Through his experience he knows that a franchise system based on franchise support is a win-win for both brands.

Our franchise model and the management with our system is unlike other franchise systems; we don’t tie our franchisees hands in being creative. Providing we follow the system as franchisees and as franchisor we find our success rate to be much better than other traditional


systems. Our unique position welcomes creativity and has been key in our success.

Our products grab the attention of people. They are unique and very appealing to the eye. They can turn any residential landscape into the envy of the block and increase the value of the property. Once more our Boulder Designs signage can literally turn a local business into a landmark. You will begin to hear talk in the town once the boulder becomes a staple. “Turn left at the big boulder sign on the far edge of town”. Once more, our signage is often allowed where other business signage is not. More towns and municipalities are turning to more natural looking signage. Towns and municipalities are restricting the heights of signage to create a more beautiful natural commercial environment to their downtown areas. Boulder Designs Products fit perfectly into this new trend that municipalities are leaning towards. Other great products that Boulder Designs offers are custom mail boxes, flagstone flag poles, fire pits, benches, and much more. Any of these products can be customized.