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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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About Modern Business Associates

What we do at Modern Business Associates, Inc. (MBA) is solve problems. We solve problems in the areas of human resources; the tasks related to having employees, including workers’ comp, risk, employee benefits and payroll.

Most likely you didn't go into business to manage these HR tasks. Yet chances are, if you’re a typical business owner, too much of your valuable time is spent on these non-revenue generating chores. Every day, MBA helps business owners, like you, focus on what you do best, while we take care of the HR and employee-related “stuff”.

MBA’s scalable, customized technology-based services are designed to flex and grow with you as your business grows. This includes access to our team of licensed employment and labor law attorneys who offer you a level of expertise which would be cost-prohibitive or even impossible for you to otherwise obtain. One of our greatest measures of success is your success. 

Recent Posts by Modern Business Associates

The Practical Application of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act

Employers must have a thorough understanding the practical application of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 and the consequences for failing to fully comply with the law.

Sign of the Times: Using Technology to Recruit, Source and Hire Talent

Employees are a business’s greatest asset. Therefore, it is extremely important for franchises to properly recruit, source, and hire the most qualified talent. With advances in technology, employers have a variety of recruiting capabilities at their fingertips.

What Employee Injuries Really Cost- How Can You Help?

What does an employee’s injury cost your business? You probably think immediately of the obvious, or direct, costs

IRS Updates Guidance on Enforcement of ACA Employer Mandate

The ACA’s Employer Shared Responsibility Mandate (Mandate), very generally, requires ALEs to offer affordable health insurance to full-time employees or risk having to pay an employer shared responsibility payment to the IRS.

Can I Just Take It Out of Their Paycheck?

According to the Department of Labor, deduction policies pertaining to reimbursement for damage to, or loss of, company property may only apply to non-exempt employees; deducting from the wages of a salaried overtime exempt employee for the same or similar reasons may run afoul of the FLSA.

Family and Medical Leave Act – Answers to Your Common Questions

While most employers are aware of FMLA, there are some common questions which typically arise when an employee utilizes the leave.

Accountability Through Documentation: The Proof is in the Paper

The employer may not have any evidence substantiating their version of events, but, if the employer has written material supporting their actions, the proof is in the paper.

Increased Focus on Age Discrimination?

The 50th anniversary year of the ADEA and the corresponding increased focus on age discrimination, it is a good time for employers to take a critical look at their workplace policies and procedures.

Managing Workplace Conflict

Conflicts in the workplace are natural and inevitable, but also downright disruptive. A conflict is anytime two or more people disagree over an issue or situation.