Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Elayne McClaine Regional Director

About Elayne McClaine

Elayne P. Stanback-McClaine is Regional Director for the New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Rutgers New Brunswick. She has been involved with the SBDC since 2005 in various roles such as Lead Client Counselor, Instructor, and Assistant Director. She has extensive expertise in the areas of Business & Strategic Planning; Business Financial Management; Market Research; Business Valuation & Franchising. She is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP), an Accredited Business Planning Advisor and a Certified GrowthWheel™ Advisor.

Prior to joining the SBDC, Ms. McClaine accomplished over 20 years of brand management--both domestically and globally—ranging from SMEs to Fortune 100 firms. She also has extensive experience as a Business Broker and Management Consultant.

Elayne has an MBA-Finance from Regis University and a BA-Economics from Fordham University.

Phone: 848-445-8788

Recent Posts by Elayne McClaine

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Purchasing an established franchise can be the perfect opportunity to get into franchising through the back door. One can learn from another’s mistakes

Franchising Technology That Disrupts Business Models

Technology in franchising has merged online concepts with professional service delivery in many other industries. There has been disruption in the fields of accounting and bookkeeping, business and medical counseling and even inviting a life coach or yogi into one’s living room.

SBA’s Streamlining of the Franchising Lending Process

Latest SBA requirements placed on any and all franchise models. The SBA has simplified the previously a la carte practice of negotiating and customizing individual franchise agreements before qualifying a loan.

Franchising As The Second Act

Outplaced executives with skills in professional services have many choices for the second act of life’s career drama. Or they may opt to serve as a social entrepreneur—making money for a non-profit cause.

The Ultimate Small Business Start-Up

Franchising could be viewed as the ultimate business startup—the business units are small enough to provide local goods and services yet large enough to provide efficiency and profitability.

Efficiently Expanding a Proven Business Model

Small businesses are often clueless as to whether their business model is in part or in total the cause of their success. An excellent product or brand and a successful advertising campaign may be the sole source of the business success.

Beyond the Franchise Training Manual

The training manual trains the prospective franchisee more on how to be a franchisee than on how to be a responsible entrepreneur. Franchising operations prepare new franchises to build up the business operation based on previous franchisee experiences.

Small Business Expansion through Global Franchising

Why not consider global franchising? International franchising is a strategic method that minimizes dependence on domestic demand. For small businesses, this may seem high risk and far-fetched.

Lean Growth Through Franchising

The basic principles of Lean Growth theory, an offshoot of The Lean Start Up entrepreneurial craze, is similar. An established business owner can retro-fit lean theory into its performance history and business model.