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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Franchise Articles

Franchising Timing

There is something to be said about timing when considering a business endeavor especially when you are preparing yourself and your business to begin the process of expansion through franchising. You need to be ready, and your prospective franchisees need to be ready, otherwise the outcome of your franchise program can be hit or miss. This isn’t the kind of business endeavor you want to miss.

Your CBD Store | SUNMED™ Announces Mid-Year Franchise Growth, New Product Launches, and More

PALMETTO, Fla. – (August 1, 2022) – Your CBD Store | SUNMED™, the largest hemp retailer in America, today announced the addition of 37 new franchise locations in the United States in Q1 and Q2 slated to open in the coming months, with another 10 franchise owners joining the brand’s network of store owners by the end of June. Expanding into new markets across the U.S., including the opening of the very first store in Colorado, the national CBD franchisor is proud to now have a footprint in 39 states and two countries. In addition, the brand recently launched its newest topical CBD line in partnership with the Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP), where SUNMED™ will sponsor upcoming APP Tour tournaments in the professional circuit in Philadelphia, Alabama, Hilton Head, and Casa Grande later this summer.

An Explosion of Opportunity: Companies and Individuals Run Toward Franchising

The past two years have created an economic rollercoaster that caused professionals in all sectors of business to make one decision after another, most of them difficult. Small business owners decided to downsize, adapt, or close their doors. White- and blue-collar workers dealt with cuts in wages or hours, full layoffs, or position changes. Every aspect of business was affected, from staffing to operations to availability of financing. Nothing was easy.

From the Outside Looking In: Building Your Franchise Dream Team through Outsourcing

When potential franchisors ask me if they can develop their franchise program without outside help, they are often surprised to hear the answer: Of course they can. The problem is they’re asking the wrong question. The more important question is whether they should go it alone...

Know Your Story: Set Your Franchise Apart with a Uniquely Positioned Brand Story

When you think about what keeps customers coming back to their favorite brands week after week, the answer usually lies in the right mix of quality and consistency. But building a loyal customer base is not always about flash, free giveaways, or wall-to-wall advertising. It’s building connections by identifying and communicating with the audience, often through storytelling.

Franchising in 2022: Why Some States See Record Growth and Others Lag Behind

2021 was an exceptionally strong year for franchisors and franchisees; what a comeback they made after two rollercoaster years of uncertainty across all factors on the franchise front. According to FranData and the International Franchise Association’s latest Franchise Outlook, 2022 will be another good year.

Courting Franchise Brokers

The world of franchising frequently touts franchise brokers as a valuable resource for achieving franchise sales goals. Given their credibility with buyers, franchising knowledge, and local presence, it simply makes sense, for many franchisors, that engaging a broker network is a smart strategy for generating franchise sales. But getting to the sale is not as simple as just deciding to “hire” a broker network. It’s more like a courtship.

Timeline of Franchise Legal Preparation

As businesspeople, we give a lot of thought to time. We think in terms of Q1 through Q4, hours in a week, and when is the best time to do this or that? Regarding launching a franchise, we tend to compare the seasonal aspects of both the franchise industry and the industry in which we are operating, and choose the best time of year to get started. What we don’t often think of – in terms of time – is how long it takes to line up our legal ducks. Let this serve as a reminder that without the legalities, a franchise can’t get off the ground, and nobody has time for that.

Beware of The Fox in the Henhouse

An acquaintance of mine recently told me about an expensive mistake he made that taught him a valuable lesson. This business executive spent quite a bit of money on pay-per-click lead generation when a representative for the media resource reached out. The media rep promised a much more sophisticated campaign designed to deliver a far greater number of leads. And, as an expert in the field, the businessman trusted their capabilities. A few months later, the results started coming in and, indeed, this strategy delivered a substantially greater number of leads. But as time continued to pass, the businessman realized that these leads resulted in far fewer conversions and sales than expected. In the end, eyeing only the large six-figure marketing budget and not the company’s overall needs and strategies, the fox had snuck into the henhouse and my acquaintance paid the price.