Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

A Better Reason To Attend A Franchise Expo

“To find a ‘hot’ franchise opportunity!”

That’s why people attend franchise expos. It’s a good reason, but is it enough?

Wouldn’t it be better to say, “To learn how to spot a ‘hot’ franchise opportunity that will work for me”? Or, “To discover everything I need to know and do to find a franchise opportunity that I can operate successfully”?

A Great Expo Offers

The point here is that while a good franchise expo offers a huge variety of franchise businesses to select from, a great franchise expo also provides educational forums to help you make a better decision when you buy a franchise.

Of course, MFV Expositions produces three “great” franchise expos every year:

  • The International Franchise Expo in June at the Javitz Center in New York City,;
  • The West Coast Franchise Expo in October in Anaheim, CA,; and
  • Franchise Expo South in February in Houston, TX,

When you attend one of these expos, you’ll have three days at each event to
walk the aisles to find the “hot” franchises, or the one that’s best for you, and attend several free or fee-based seminars to help you make the very best decision.

Check the Conference Link

When you visit the websites for MFV’s three expos, you’ll always find a Conference link. Click on it and you will discover a couple of dozen educational seminars where you can learn whatever it is you need to know about franchising.

For those looking to buy a franchise, the most popular seminar is The A to Zs of Buying a Franchise. This is a comprehensive, nuts ‘n bolts treatment of franchising. “If you want to know how to investigate a franchise opportunity to be sure that it’s legitimate and to discover if you’re a good fit for the business, then A to Zs is where you want to spend a few hours,” explains Dr. John Hayes who developed this symposium and teaches it at the IFE. Other professionals teach the seminar in Anaheim and Houston.

The A to Zs of Buying a Franchise offers these important benefits:

  • Understanding the pros and cons of franchising.
  • Why a franchise is better than an independent start-up.
  • A self-evaluation to determine if franchising is right for you.
  • How to get the money you need to buy a franchise.
  • Where to conduct the research to check out the franchisor.
  • What to expect from the franchisor.
  • What the franchisor will expect of you.
  • Understand all the fees required by franchise companies.
  • How to select an attorney to help you understand the contract.
  • Key questions to ask the franchisor and existing franchisees.
  • Getting familiar with the Franchise Disclosure Document.
  • How to interpret the Franchise Disclosure Document.
  • Exploring your options to negotiate with the franchisor.

“If you’ve only got the time for one symposium then The A to Zs of Buying a
Franchise is the one you want,” says Dr. Hayes, who has written numerous books about franchising, “but there are many other good selections, depending on your needs.” What Do I Need To Know Before Buying A Franchise, and How Much Money Can You Make? are two additional popular seminars.

As you make your plans to attend a franchise expo in 2015, keep in mind that you can always find a “hot” franchise at an expo, but you can also get a franchise education that will help you make a wise investment when you buy a franchise.

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