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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Why Franchisor Leadership Matters

When it comes to the success of any given, leadership is one of the most important factors. Every company needs someone with vision and integrity that will lead his or her team to achievement and accomplishment. Franchisor leadership ensures that no matter what the franchise is facing, there is one person that will lead the charge when it comes to solutions and hard work, getting everyone back on track.

What are we doing?

Strong franchisor leadership makes sure that everyone on the franchise team understands the expectations. Every person in every position needs to know what his or her task is and how it can be done effectively. If there is no one setting up expectations, chaos ensues and there are problems galore. On the other hand, when everyone has a clear guide as to what needs to be done on a daily, monthly and even yearly basis, a franchise tends to run smoothly.

It is important that a franchisor knows and understands each person's task list and job description. In many cases, a leader will go through and try his or her hand at every position just to become better acquainted with the jobs demands and issues. When someone has tried out each position in the franchise, a unique perspective is gained. Also, those looking up to the leader want see his or her information and suggestions as authentic and believable.

Where are we going?

A franchisor must also have a vision for the franchise in order to be effective. Everyone wants to know where the franchise is headed. This cannot be just a catchy statement that franchisees and employees memorize. This is an explanation of how the company is going to evolve and improve over the course of the next few years. Everyone can find something that needs to be improved upon or new ideas that need to be incorporated into the franchise.

A franchisor should not only know where the company is going. He or she also needs to know how everyone is going to get there. When people believe that the franchisor is behind the change 100%, they tend to follow suit. Integrity is key and people looking up want to see that a person stands behind his or her word. Being able to communicate this vision and the commitment to this franchise is also the sign of a strong leader.

Who is keeping us accountable?

Throughout the life of a franchise, someone needs to be the driving force, making sure that everyone is following the vision and goals of the company. A strong leader is able to manage the day to day business end of the job as well as the personal interactions and conflicts that arise. Keeping everyone in line and working together as a team isn't easy. It involves constant evaluation of the business and the personnel.

While this is a great power, there is responsibility attached to it. A strong leader will be able to determine what needs to be done for the franchise, where the franchise wants to go and keep everyone together. Part of leadership is accomplishing all of these goals while maintaining control of the company while maintaining a sense of humility. A strong leader never lets the power go to his or her head.

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