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7 Reasons to Buy a Donut Franchise

I think Homer Simpson said it best when he said, “Mmm, donuts”, and then drooled. Who doesn’t love donuts? They are a tasty treat. But are they as tasty in a business sense? Can you make money with a donut franchise? Here are seven reasons to buy a donut franchise.

1. People Are Always Looking For Treats

People always want something sweet to get them through the day or to reward themselves for a hard day’s work. A sweet donut or muffin is part of a lot of people’s regular routine. There’s high demand out there so there are plenty of potential customers for donut franchises.

2. Donut Franchises Can Get Creative

Do you remember the sensation that was the cronut? The combination croissant-donut took New York City by storm a few years ago and proved popular throughout the nation, and the world, thereafter. If you buy a donut franchise from a creative brand, you could end up being the next donut franchise with lines out the door full of trendy food bloggers and Instagrammers looking to snap a pic of your new tasty creation.

3. Donut Franchises Typically Serve Coffee

You would be hard pressed to find a donut franchise that doesn’t also serve coffee. Fewer beverages have proved as enduringly popular as coffee and franchises that serve coffee can typically count on a steady stream of customers. It is part of so many Americans’ daily routine that it can really help support donut franchises in their early years. Think about, somebody needs their morning coffee. Maybe their own coffee maker broke, their usual coffee place is too busy, or they’re in a different part of town. They come into your donut franchise for a quick coffee but see one of your delicious donuts and think, “Why not?”. If you’re product is good, you might have just snagged a daily customer.

4. Donut Franchises Are a Type Of QSR

A QSR is a “quick service restaurant”. Also known as a fast food restaurant, QSRs have proven time and again to be the definitive franchising business. When I say the word “franchise”, what do you think of? Probably a fast food restaurant, right? In many ways, QSRs spurred on the whole franchising model and to this day the Franchise 500 List is dominated by QSRs. So, with a donut franchise, you’re in good company.

5. Donut Franchises Often Function As Cafés

Because they serve coffee, many people treat donut franchises as cafés even if that isn’t their primary function. Why is this a good thing? People tend to stay a long time in cafés. They talk with friends there, they do work there, they pass time there. People tend to do this less in traditional QSRs. The longer somebody stays in your donut franchise, the likelier they are to buy something else. If they’re there for three or four hours, they may make three separate purchases.

6. Donut Franchises Can Specialize

It is easy for donut franchise to offer specialty items, whether they’re allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan, healthier, fancier, or whatever. It allows donut franchises to cast a wider net on their customer base.

7. They’re Donuts

Donuts are delicious. What more can I say?

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Rob Lancit Vice President-Internet Brands, MFV Expositions
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