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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

6 Reasons to Buy a Painting Franchise for Sale

Painting franchises are among the best franchises to buy for a number of reasons. And a painting franchise for sale can be a great opportunity for lots of different types of people. From a longtime house painter who now wants to run her own business or a successful businessman looking to add another franchise to his portfolio, painting franchises can suit a lot of different people. This article will examine six of the top reasons to buy a painting franchise for sale.

1. You Don’t Need A Fortune To Buy A Painting Franchise For Sale

Painting franchises are, generally, low cost franchises. Nearly every industry offers franchise opportunities that can pay off big. But the barrier to entry in some of these fields is great. Many people can’t afford to drop half a million dollars or more on a franchise even if the return is a good investment does appear to be   reliably large. You can buy a top-quality painting franchise for sale for as little as $35,000 and you can get it up and running for as little as $70,000.

2. You Don’t Need A Fortune To Run A Painting Franchise

Part of the reason why painting franchises for sale don’t cost a lot to buy is because they don’t cost a lot to operate. You can run a painting franchise on a relatively small budget. First, you can run a mobile painting franchise headquartered out of your home. You don’t need to pay commercial rent for an office. Second, if you’re up to the challenge of doing the painting yourself, you might not need any staff, or maybe just a small staff. Don’t know much about painting? Don’t worry. The best painting franchisors offer comprehensive training when they sell you a painting franchise.

3. Painting Franchises Offer Flexibility

Because you can operate your painting franchise out of your home, you don’t need a large, or maybe even any, staff, you have a lot of flexibility.

Because you can operate your painting franchise out of your home you most likely would not need a large, or perhaps any staff for that matter.  Plus, you have a lot of flexibility. Need to take an hour break to pick up your kids from school? You can probably do that.

4. Painting Services Will Always Be In Demand

While major economic downturns might affect the painting business somewhat, the same is true for any industry. Even grocery stores will experience a decline in sales if the economy gets bad enough. But it’s hard to imagine a time when real estate agents won’t want to hire a painter to spruce up a property before selling it or when homeowners don’t want a professional paint job done.

5. Painting Franchises Are Great For Those Who Hate Monotony

Don’t like the idea of a nine-to-five job going to the same drab office every day? Then a painting franchise for sale offers you an escape. You get a new jobsite every week or so and get to meet new people all the time.

6. Painting Services Work Well Within The Franchising Framework

People have to trust their painters. Most of your Your customers probably won’t know you personally. from Adam. But they might know your painting franchise. And, when you buy a painting franchise for sale, you’re also buying a trusted brand name.

Be The Boss

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