Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

1Heart Caregiver Services Franchisee – Jovi Virata of South Orange County

Jovi Virata has morethan 25 years of management experience for various customer-centeredindustries. She is a result-oriented individual who is determined to succeed andhas the mindset for establishing her own business as she did not want to remainan employee all her life. Her passion is for caring and she considers that homecare would be the right industry for her. But the idea of setting up a businesson her own proved to be very challenging. She always had a hard time gettingher idea to materialize so she kept looking for alternatives until one of herclose friends suggested to her about setting up a franchise with 1HeartCaregiver Services.

It has been a great experiencefor her ever since.

“I am very glad tobelong to the 1Heart Family. I believe that everyone should be given a chanceto succeed and 1Heart has given me the opportunity to get into the home carebusiness. My business was up and running in a few weeks. The management andstaff are very supportive. It really is like having a “Big Brother” lookingafter you and helping your business prosper and flourish. They have trained meand my staff effectively and have continued to offer help when I needed it. Andso far, things are going great.”

Jovi is excited onwhat the future brings for her franchise and sees the possibilities. “My OrangeCounty franchise is growing. I have been getting a lot of clients in my area.There really is so much potential in this business. It is a booming industry.”

Jovi feels blessedand she always makes it a point of sharing her blessings in the form ofoffering her support for worthwhile activities for the community. She teachesin her daughter’s weekly school program for kids called “Best Foot Forward”which helps improve reading comprehension. 

Parker-Anderson Enrichment Franchisee - Laurelinda Hauksson

Laurelinda Hauksson, Parker-Anderson Enrichment-North Orange County Franchise. Parker-Anderson has to offer including Lego Robotics, Iron Chef Cooking Fun, Creative Sculpture, Marine Biology, DinoWorld, and many more.

Javier Gomez of 7-Eleven

Javier Gomez is a store manager turned entrepreneur. His love affair with the 7-Eleven brand began when he was a kid in Laredo, Texas.

Border Magic® & Boulder Designs® Franchise – Chad Hames

Border Magic® and Boulder Design® Franchise owner has been beyond great. Border Magic® and Bolder Designs® operates in a family like environment of qualified professionals all having the same goals of success.